Mornsun’ R3 Series 3W – 30W DC Converter Series Offers Excellent Levels of Efficiency

Power conservation solutions are increasingly important in today’s electronic systems and Mornsun announce the launch of new products. What’s New In Electronics bring you the latest news on this range of products.

Significant Operating Improvements Reduces Energy Consumption

R3 Series PR PicTheale, Berks, June 2016: Leading UK Power Conversion distributor PowerPax is pleased to launch the R3 Series of DC Converters which covers an output range of 3W to 30W. This latest range from global power conversion manufacturer Mornsun is designed to have excellent efficiency characteristics at both low and full load levels to reduce overall energy consumption in line with the latest energy efficiency requirements.

Energy conservation is becoming increasingly important in modern electronic systems and Mornsun recognise that, as the heart of many systems, the power conversion function needs to evolve to meet such requirements. Considerable design effort has recently been put into ensuring that this new series of converters meets the highest levels of efficiency with full load efficiency up to 90%, low load efficiency up to 78% and no load power consumption as low as 0.12W. A result of these improvements is an increase in product reliability due to the lack of temperature rise at low loads that is often seen with older technologies.

This range features both single and dual output models with single outputs from 3.3V DC – 24V DC and dual outputs in the range ±5V DC – ±24V DC. All outputs feature a start-up time which is typically significantly shorter than competitive converters. These converters feature 4:1 inputs with 9V DC – 36V DC and 18V DC – 75V DC available as standard with input to output isolation in the range 1.5KV DC to 6KV DC.

All models feature input under voltage, output over voltage, short circuit and over-current protection. The operating temperature range for R3 series products is -40°C to +85°C and they feature an MTBF of minimum 100Khrs to MIL-HDBK-217F @ 25°C. All converters in this range are approved to UL/EN60950.

This series features PCB mounting DIP packages and in addition optional mounts for chassis and DIN Rail mounting are available.

These converters use high quality components and the latest automated manufacturing techniques to ensure high quality and low manufacturing costs to provide the best price to the end customer. This range is available, in volume, on one of the shortest lead times in the industry, typically 4 weeks and samples for prototyping are generally available from stock.

This product series is suited to many applications including, but not limited to, Data Communications, Electricity monitoring systems, Data Acquisition Systems, Instrumentation, Telecommunications and Civil Applications.