MicroCare Launches Stereze™ Workspace Cleaners and Hand Sanitizing Solutions

Critical cleaning experts, MicroCare LLC, has announced the launch of a new product line Stereze™ Workspace Cleaners and Hand Sanitizers to support the fight against Coronavirus. Leveraging existing MicroCare product development and manufacturing capabilities, the new range delivers cleaning solutions designed to assist workplaces to keep people and spaces as safe as can be.

Effective cleaning is important to prevent the spread of viruses and other germs. Stereze™ Workspace Cleaners and Hand Sanitizers have been formulated using a high-purity alcohol-based solution which is focused on high-performance cleaning. The premium product range includes 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Surface Cleaning Wipesand a liquid refillable spray bottle for use in communal areas like public spaces, conference rooms, classrooms, offices, restrooms and lobbies. Complementing the Surface Cleaners are Stereze™ Hand Sanitizer wipes, gel and spray which are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered and safe and compliant for sanitizing hands.

Tom Tattersall, MicroCare CEO said: “As a market leader and trusted name in cleaning solutions it was only natural that MicroCare would introduce a product line specifically to sanitize workplaces and help to safeguard people.

“Cleanliness is more important than ever and demand for sanitizer use in the workplace continues to grow. We are very pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive range of highly-effective sanitizing solutions that can make a difference in ensuring hygiene standards.

“With our own manufacturing facilities in the USA and a substantial and well-established distribution network, we are exceptionally well-placed to immediately ship Stereze™ products nationwide.

“The goal at MicroCare has always been to help clients improve their products, quality and processes through the use of innovative cost-effective precision cleaning products. Stereze™ Workspace Cleaners has strengthened our portfolio and added a new dimension to our product offering. It will effectively help to directly target cleanliness in the workplace and reduce the risk of infection.”

Stereze™ Workspace Cleaners also meet the highest safety and quality standards and are formulated from 70% IPA as recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for disinfecting surfaces. The range is safe to use on a variety of metals and plastics including tables, desks and countertops, tools and machinery. Available as a liquid refillable pump spray or as a multi-purpose wipe which has been manufactured to be tear-resistant and stand up to rigorous scrubbing on rougher surfaces.

The Stereze™ Surface Cleaning Wipes are available in two sizes: a 100-count tub with big 5” x 8” wipes and an 800-count bucket with larger 8-1/2” x 6” wipes. The wipes are made from extra-strong nonwoven fabric that resists tearing and shredding, making the wipes well suited for uses that would cause lesser wipes to fall apart.  Uniquely the 100-count container features a “slam-shut” lid to keep wipes wet, fresh and ready to use. In addition, refill presaturated wipes are available to drop into the tub or bucket helping to save money and reduce waste.

Importantly the Presaturated Wipes can be safely used on electronic devices like touch screens, mobile phone and keyboards as there is no pooling of liquid to cause problems. Stereze™ Workspace Cleaners are made using a mixture of high purity IPA and 30% D.I. (deionized) water mixture which evaporates more slowly, allowing the cleaning fluid to remain on surfaces longer for better cleaning. Stereze™ Workspace Cleaners do not leave particulates, scents or residue behind, unlike other low-purity alcohol cleaners making them a superior alternative to those currently flooding the marketplace.