Mick Elliott receives inaugural Roy Atterbury Award

Adam Fletcher 3rd Chairman of ECSN afdec presents inaugural Roy Atterbury Award for Outstanding Achievement to Mick Elliott, Editor.

Roy Atterbury was originally a public relationships expert in regular contact with all the electronics trade editors and journalists. After many years of successful freelance writing, Roy eventually became the Editor of what is now the Components in Electronics Magazine.

Noticing that the rapidly growing electronics industry needed some coordination, Roy collaborated with UK Electronics Components industry leaders and looked to establish an industry association to represent franchised distributors and the electronics components manufacturers they served.

This received the backing of the industry leaders who also acted as guarantors.

Alongside his Editor job, Roy also served as the first Chairman at afdec where he served for almost 20 years.

“I first met Roy in 2005, we liked each other immediately and quickly became good friends and colleagues … I can best describe Roy as true gentleman, very modest and self-effacing but with a true idea of what he had wanted to achieve. These are all similar qualities that are exhibited by Mick Elliott,” comments Fletcher.

The Roy Atterbury Award is presented on an ad-hoc basis to an individual for outstanding achievement and “Mick Elliott was unanimously approved as the inaugural recipient.”

Karen Mascarenhas was on-hand to present the Mick his inaugural award. Mick was also presented a gift from the ECSN association. And finally, Brian Harding, PR and Marketing Consulting presented Mick with his final gift.

On receiving the award, Mick Elliott comments: “Thanks very much to Adam and to all the ECSN afdec alumni … It really is a privilege and an honour to receive this inaugural award and especially as it recognises Roy Atterbury’s contribution to ECSN afdec.”

Click on the video below to watch the award presentation in full: