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Improve performance and throughput with Metcal’s first adjustable temperature soldering system

metcal gt120Metcal Technology.
Metcal Performance.

The GT Series applies Metcal’s expertise in inductive heating to an adjustable temperature soldering system for the time. This drives high-performance through improved:

  • Time to temperature
  • Temperature stability
  • Thermal recovery

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‘Inductive vs. Resistive Heating Technology Used in Soldering Systems’

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Increase Performance. Increase Profits.

Manufacturers can realize significant increases to their bottom line by increasing the performance of a soldering system. Improved performance drives faster throughput and ultimately increases total production per operator.

Faster time to temperature and greater stability during the soldering process also lowers scrap yields and product returns by improving the quality of the solder joint.

The GT90 and GT120 Soldering Systems offer the highest performance in their class.

System Includes

soldering system,

The GT90 and GT120 Soldering System ships with:

  1. Power Station
  2. Hand-piece
  3. Heater Cartridge
  4. Works Stand
  5. Cartridge/tip Remover
  6. Power Adapter

metcal white paper


Our WNIE Radio interview with Rick Nuttall, European Director of Sales, Metcal:

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