Marvin Test Solutions Announces GENASYS Shipments

Marvin Test Solutions, a trusted provider of globally deployed, innovative test solutions for military, aerospace, and manufacturing organizations, has announced the successful delivery of GENASYS test systems to multiple aerospace primes. These deployments further extend the installed base of the innovative GENASYS platform for testing of mission-critical LRUs and systems.


Recent GENASYS deliveries have included the single-bay TS-321 as well as the two-bay TS-323. The TS-321 combines the GENASYS high-performance digital and innovative switching subsystems with video test capabilities and the TS-323 is the industry’s highest density system that provides up to 4,500 test points with “any resource to any pin” architecture. Both testers are part of the GENASYS Test Platform of performance functional test solutions. Some of the systems were provided with TPSs (Test Program Sets) for test of CCAs (Circuit Card Assemblies) developed using the award-winning ATEasy® test executive / test development software suite.


“As mil/aero systems become more complex, engineers demand more flexible and capable test solutions to ensure accuracy, reliability, and safety of mission-critical systems,” said Major General Steve Sargeant, USAF (Ret.), CEO of Marvin Test Solutions. “We created the GENASYS platform to address those demanding requirements. With a compact footprint, open, scalable architecture, and an integrated software suite, the GENASYS platform can form the basis for a system that will address next-generation, complex testing challenges including the capability to support up to 4,500 interface test points with automated signal routing.”


Achieve Mission-Critical Success
The GENASYS platform is ideal for high-value, mission-critical electronics applications – whether at the board, box, or system level – including satellite payloads, platform management systems, armament electronics and subsystems, and flight management /  control systems.

GENASYS Key Features include:

  • PXI-based architecture
  • Hybrid, multiplexed pin capability with up to 4,500 test points and “any resource to any pin” architecture
  • Functional test focus
  • Configurable and scalable commercial off the shelf (COTS) digital, analog, and switching software components
  • Comprehensive tools for migrating LASAR and other legacy test system programs