Manufacturing Cleaning Association Announces New Board

Since its inception in 2019, the Manufacturing Cleaning Association has created a community of cleaning industry professionals that can learn from each other as well as establish and hold strict industrial standards that answer the question ‘how clean is clean?’

“As we move into 2023, we’re excited to see continued growth in the MCA membership as we expand our member benefits and experience in new directions,” stated Matt Gilmore, Executive Director MCA.  

Jeff Beard, Peter Feamster, Mike Valenti and Jay Nawani, who are founding members of the organization, all have new board positions that they will hold for two years:

  • Jeff Beard – President – Brulin; Business Development Manager
  • Peter Feamster – 1st VP – Jomesa; Product Management Director
  • Michael Valenti – 2nd VP – Hubbard-Hall; Director of Technology
  • Jay Nawani – Treasurer – Jayco; President

Although her two-year term ended as board president, Sherry Stepp (Kyzen; Global Marketing Manager) will continue to serve on the Board as immediate past president.  Also, continuing to serve on the Board as Secretary is Lori Beckman (Gardner Business Media; Senior Editor – Production Machining).

“I want to thank Sherry Stepp, the inaugural MCA President, for leading the association for the past two years. I am honored to pick up where Sherry left off. I, along with all the other members of the MCA, look forward to sharing our parts cleaning knowledge and expertise with the manufacturing community. We have a full slate planned for 2023. I am particularly excited for our live, in-person events,” stated Jeff Beard, new MCA president.

On March 7 in Huntsville, AL, the MCA will hold its inaugural in-person event, “How Clean Is Clean – Aerospace.”  The event will bring together a range of industry experts who specialize in parts cleaning and those processes that may affect parts cleaning for the aerospace industry. For more information, visit: How Clean Is Clean – Aerospace: MCA (

Currently the MCA offers 25+ technical resources on topics ranging from chemistry, equipment and processes to regulations and 10+ webinars for members to access.