Manual Cleaning Bath Concentration Measurement

In order to achieve good cleaning results consistently, the cleaner concentration in the cleaning bath should remain constant. The concentration can change through various process factors like carry-over or thinning. It is therefore advisable to check the concentration over time.

A simple method for regular concentration checks is the ZESTRON® Bath Analyzer. The quick manual test enables a reliable and exact concentration measurement of cleaning baths whether new or used. In addition, the inexpensive test method is compact and portable, enabling flexible usage throughout the production environment. For the bath concentration measurement of alkaline cleaning media, the Bath Analyzer 10 is recommended, because it also indicates the alkalinity of the cleaner using a color code. The Bath Analyzer 20 was designed exclusively for the measurement of pH-neutral cleaning media.

The ZESTRON® EYE is an automatic method that displays cleaning agent concentration measurement results in real time and is an alternative to the manual Bath Analyzer products.