Magnalytix® Provides Inside Expert Knowledge with New Tech Corner

Magnalytix, the forefront driver in providing real-time reliability solutions for electronics manufacturing, introduces the Magnalytix Technical Library, an enhanced knowledge base located in its Web site’s Tech Corner. The latest update connects manufacturing engineers with free inside expert knowledge regarding SIR testing and more. 

The Technical Library is a collection of technical papers, presentations and informational videos created by the co-founders as well as inventors of Magnalytix, Dr. Mike Bixenman and Mark McMeen. The well-known industry expert duo as well as other experts in the electronics manufacturing field provide inside knowledge regarding SIR Testing, identifying objective evidence, solving reliability issues, providing process control options and more at no cost.

“The team at Magnalytix is continuously testing and researching the next generation of cleanliness and reliability to ensure that we can truly rely on our technology to work,” says Steve Pollock, National Sales Manager for Magnalytix. “Sharing the results and findings learned via our Technical Library is something we feel is key to bringing our vision to life.”

The Tech Corner’s Technical Library is frequently updated to provide current and trending information. It also will be the first of many updates the Magnalytix team plans to incorporate on its Web site in the coming months. 

Visit to view the library and more.