Luso announces high performance, compact 15W DC-DC converters from CTC


Luso Electronics announces availability of a series of compact 15W high performance DC-DC converters from CTC that offer outputs ranging from 3.3V up to 15V, operation over a wide temperature range and power efficiencies of up 87%.

Encased in nickel plated copper, the new RoHS compliant converters are available in two versions: the PC15WR offers a 2:1 wide input voltage range and the PC15WR4 variant provides a 4:1 wide input voltage range. All modules within the series offer isolation voltage of 3000VDC (for one second), continuous short-circuit protection and overload protection.

Other electrical specifications of the series include ripple and noise of 75mV (peak-peak maximum) and output voltage tolerances of 1% maximum. Meeting international safety standards including EMI compliance meeting EN55022, the devices also feature remote on/off control.

Another key feature of the range is that it meets strict no-load power consumption limits of 0.25W maximum to ensure end products will comply with energy-efficiency standards worldwide.

Samples of the 15W PWM Design range are available from Luso Electronics with short lead times and in low minimum order quantities.


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