Littelfuse TVS Diodes enable upgraded automotive circuit protection against harmful spikes and transient surges – now at TTI

littelfuse_automotive-tvsNow available in Europe at TTI, Inc., a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components, are several new series of automotive TVS diodes from leading manufacturer, Littelfuse.   The new Littelfuse AEC-Q101 qualified TPSMB, TPSMC, TPSMD, TPSMA6L and TP6KE TVS diodes provide protection for sensitive electronics from transients induced by load dump and other transient voltage events.


As the amount of electronics in vehicles expands, automotive protection devices need to be robust enough for the transient environment yet able to clamp to a low enough level to protect the ICs. The more electronic systems in a vehicle, the more risks there are for damage caused by spikes, transients or load dump. In fact, suppressing transient surges or load dumps that can harm vehicle electronics has become one of the biggest challenges of the design process.  Automotive systems that can be damaged by transient surges include

control units, infotainment electronics, sensors, fuel injectors, valves, motors, 12 to 48V powertrains and hydrolytic controllers.


Littelfuse TPSMB, TPSMC, TPSMD, TPSMA6L and TP6KE Series TVS Diodes offer superior electrical performance in a small footprint package and enable designers to upgrade circuit protection without altering the existing design footprint.  Alternatively, more robust protection can be provided in new circuit layouts.


These new TVS diodes are uni and bi-directional and have power ratings (by10x1000us) ranging from 600W to 5000W depending on Series.  Operating junction temperature range is up to +175˚C. They are AEC-Q101 qualified and meet automotive standards ISO7637-2 and ISO16750-2.


The list of automotive applications for Littlefuse TVS TPSMB, TPSMC, TPSMD, TPSMA6L and TP6KE Series diodes is comprehensive and includes navigation systems, engine managment, airbags, stability controls, anti-rollover, climate control, sea belt pre-tensioning, battery disconnect and many more.