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True 3D AOIs to improve your production quality

Koh Young

Abstract 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems have become an integral solution for the surface-mount technology (SMT) industry. These systems have become more important for manufacturers, because they provide incomparable reliability to help maintain high quality of boards with thousands of solder joints. However, does this mean every 3D AOI can be the ultimate gatekeeper […]


32kHz Design for Lower Power Applications

Geyer Quartz Technology

Reducing Power Consumption for 32kHz Quartz Crystal Oscillator Circuit   Abstract   The intent of this investigation is to show the advantages of 32kHz crystals with reduced CL and lower ESR over conventional 32kHz crystals with regard to power consumption, oscillation allowance, starting time and drive level. The following draft confirms the advantage of the use of […]


Comparison of a Crystal Oscillator to a MEMS Oscillator – Crystal vs MEMS – Oscillator Performance

Geyer Electronic

Comparison of a Crystal Oscillator to a MEMS Oscillator Crystal vs MEMS – Oscillator Performance Abstract The Selection of an oscillator for electronic devices and communications system equipment is a major factor affecting system performance.  In this application note, we have measured and will compare two different types of oscillators: 1. A fundamental Quartz Crystal oscillator and […]

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The UK PCB industry and facing the electronics challenges of the future

PCB fabricators in the UK are facing the challenges of being able to make the PCB’s that the designers need to accommodate these modern packages. This is no easy challenge, fabricators based in Asia and other European countries are providing their customers with advanced capabilities that not long ago were not possible. Not only do […]

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Industry 4.0 – Calling for Standards

By Kim Sauer, Scoop (@kimsauermedia)

Industry 4.0 is gaining even more momentum. It was a dominant theme at Nepcon South China – there it’s called ‘Made in China 2025’ – and no doubt it will be a key topic at SMTAI in a couple of weeks’ time. In fact, I’ll be there conducting a number of round-table discussions at the […]


Baking Printed Circuit Boards – Why and How

Bob Willis

“Only bake boards when rarely necessary and review the need periodically to avoid the unnecessary process stage. Often when you start to bake, it becomes the norm and in a   couple of years everyone forgets why they started. Baking can have a marked effect on the solderability of the PCB so avoid it, it makes […]


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