Lex TM3 QWLD Heavy-Duty Cylindrical Connectors ensure power and control functions in extreme and hostile environments – now available from Astute

Water and explosion-proof; over 300 variants including coaxial and thermocouple

Now available from Astute Electronics, the leading supplier of electronic components and value added services, LEX Heavy Duty QWLD Cylindrical Connectors provide reliable power and control functions in extreme and hostile environments that ordinary connectors cannot survive. Water and explosion proof, these highly durable interconnects withstand vibration and shock and are also abrasion and corrosion resistant.  The Lex TM3 QWLD Series is a broad range with over 300 different industrial and MS inserts available, including coaxial and thermocouple. They are suitable for both military and industrial applications.


LEX Heavy Duty QWLD Cylindrical Connectors feature quick, positive mating, with double stub easily-cleaned, double stud threads. Alternate insert rotation is available to prevent cross-mating. The connectors have sealing gaskets at every joint to provide waterproof assembly, and there are resilient inserts for moisture sealing.  Cable strain relief is provided by clamp bar type accessories. Current range for the QWLD Circular Series is 40A to 200A, with conductor sizes 6 to 4/0. Interconnects are available in shell sizes 12 to 44 in a choice of finishes: Alumilite 225* hard anodic finish for abrasion and corrosion resistance, or conductive cadmium plate.


Gary Evans, E-Mech Divisional Manager, Astute commented: “This is a very comprehensive range representing the largest size of cylindrical connectors designed to withstand the rigours of very unforgiving environments.  They are extremely safe and ensure complete protection of personnel and equipment even if connectors are inadvertently disconnected under load. ”