LeeMAH Electronics, TX Facility installs new T6 & T7 Cleaners to support increased production demand

LeeMAH Electronics has purchased and successfully completed the install of its two-machine setup of the Aqua Klean Typhoon T-6 and T-7 Zero-Discharge Cleaners at its facility in Richardson, TX. The sale was liaised by Scott Fillebrown, Principal, Southwest Systems Technology, Inc., Aqua Klean’s manufacturers’ representative in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. 

The T-6 and T-7 incorporate an adjustable chemical injection pump to assist in maintaining chemical wash concentration. The system features a dynamic air blow-off design that allows a water-free chemical isolation. The 15 HP wash pump along with Aqua Klean’s proprietary nozzle configurations allow PCBs to get the correct flooding and impingement needed to solubilize all flux residues.

LeeMah Electronics has been offering manufacturing and test solutions to OEMs with high-mix and low-medium volume needs for 50 years. The company selected the T-6 and T-7 Typhoon Inline Cleaners to stay ahead of the curve with the industry’s rapidly changing cleanliness requirements. 

LeeMAH offers customer-focused strategies with its California and Texas locations that total more than 140,000 ft2. The company utilizes the same processes and similar equipment and test sets in all of its locations to provide seamless migrations and hybrid solutions for its customers. For more information about LeeMAH Electronics, visit www.leemah.com.

Southwest Systems Technology is the leading manufacturing resource for the Southwest. The team sells capital equipment and materials, and its sales engineers are trained in the latest industry processes and technologies. For more information, visit www.swsystems.com.