Leading UK antenna design innovator secures new investment to drive growth

UK-based antenna design specialist Novocomms is expanding its operations in Birmingham following a new funding round. This multi-million pound investment paves the way for growth opportunities for the business which came out of the University of Birmingham in 2019.

The company, which specialises in designing and manufacturing innovative antennas for predominantly European and Far Eastern markets, is set to hire additional engineers and salespeople, move to new office premises and create 100 high-paying jobs by September 2025. Up to 30 of these roles are expected to be created in the next six months.

Founded by Dr. Sampson Hu, a University of Birmingham alumnus, Novocomms holds over 100 global patent applications and is committed to continuous innovation. With its global headquarters in Birmingham, UK and a subsidiary in Suzhou, China, Novocomms is well-positioned to offer local technical support, project delivery, and supply chain management to its clients.

The company’s cutting-edge antenna technology is used in a wide range of wireless devices, including laptops, tablets and smartwatches. By offering smaller, more efficient antennas with better performance and lower power consumption, Novocomms is revolutionising the wireless communication industry.

As part of its growth strategy, Novocomms is focusing on three innovative technologies which are crucial to the future of wireless communication: customised antenna systems for consumer and commercial electronics, advanced millimetre-wave technology for infrastructure products, and innovated antenna solutions for mobile satellite terminals.

Dr. Hu’s vision for Novocomms is to leverage the company’s expertise in antenna technology to contribute to the development of smart cities, smart agriculture, smart ports, smart healthcare, smart transportation, and smart grids.

Dr. Colin Tucker, Chairman of Novocomms and a highly experienced industry veteran, shared his enthusiasm about the company’s growth. Having held prominent positions at major companies such as Orange and Hutchison 3G, Dr. Tucker brings valuable insight and experience to the company.

Dr. Colin Tucker, Chairman of Novocomms, said:  “Our recent funding round and the upcoming expansion of our team will not only create new job opportunities but also contribute to the overall growth of the UK antenna sector. We are proud to be part of the UK’s emerging innovative ecosystem and look forward to further establishing Novocomms as a leader in wireless communication technology.”

Dr. Sampson Hu, Founder and Chief Executive at Novocomms, added: “Our commitment to innovation in the vital niche of electronic design is now attracting both UK and international attention. As we continue to expand and develop our cutting-edge antenna technologies, the potential for further growth and investment in our business is undeniable.”