Miniature and microminiature circular connectors for weight and space saving applications

A number of tiny circular connectors have been made available by Lane Electronics. The miniature and microminiature GH, LGH and MGH series connectors from Positronic are ideal for use in industrial and instrumentation applications where lightweight, space saving and high reliability connections are necessary.

The connectors are designed with a “twist spring” locking device and feature solid machined contacts for increased reliability in applications that include medical, industrial and automotive where they can be used as cable and panel mount connectors. A number of contact variants are available while nominal contact current ratings are up to 7.5A.
The MGH Series connectors are available with three contacts to provide polarization. Two contacts are 0.030in (0.76mm) diameter, while the third is 0.040in (1.02mm).

The LG Series can be supplied in 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10-way variants with 0.040in (1.02mm) diameter contacts rated to 7.5A per contact.

The LGH Series is available with 12 size 20 contacts as well as a centre post designed to help polarise and align the connector during mating.

The Positronic GH, LGH and MGH series are available in straight solder and solder cup terminations and with a variety of cable adaptors.