Kurtz Ersa Announces Next VERSAFLOW 4 – Level ll Maintenance and Application Training Courses 

 Kurtz Ersa Inc., a leading supplier of electronics production equipment, is excited to announce upcoming training opportunities at its facility in Plymouth, WI. The Application Training and Maintenance Training Courses will provide professionals with valuable insights and hands-on experience working with the Ersa VERSAFLOW 4 machine.

Maintenance Training Course – June 11-12, 2024

The Maintenance Training Course focuses on ensuring the optimal functioning of the Ersa VERSAFLOW 4 machine through proper maintenance and calibration techniques. Topics include an advanced machine overview, calibration procedures, nitrogen & pneumatics system overview, preventative maintenance schedule, maintenance of flux/preheat/solder modules, troubleshooting, conveyor system adjustment, and electrical circuit understanding. Participants will receive hands-on training to effectively maintain and troubleshoot the machine.

Application Training Course – June 12-13, 2024

The Application Training Course offers participants an immersive understanding of the capabilities of the Ersa VERSAFLOW 4 machine and its various process parameters. Topics covered include lead-free solder alloys, Ersa CAD 3 offline software, flux/preheat/solder process overview, process requirements & limitations, and program troubleshooting. Participants will gain practical knowledge and tips to optimize machine performance and minimize defects.

Both training courses will be led by experienced instructors with extensive knowledge of Ersa equipment and processes. Participants will engage in interactive learning sessions and practical exercises to reinforce key concepts.

Please contact Chad Suckow at chad.suckow@kurtzersa.com to obtain more details or to secure your spot in these valuable training sessions.

For more information about Kurtz Ersa Inc., visit www.ersa.com.