kolb announces WATERSAVE certified ClosedLoop and CrossLoop technologies

The WATERSAVE certified ClosedLoop and CrossLoop technologies of kolb help saving water by recycling contaminated and wasted rinse fluids.

All our PCB cleaning systems are equipped by default with an integrated ClosedLoop processing for cleaning and rinsing media, ensuring multiple process cycles with minimum losses. Special CrossLoop processing systems help to even increase this performance.

The ClosedLoop technology developed by kolb is an integrated closed-circuit treatment process for the multiple use of the cleaning system’s operating fluids – in particular the detergent and the rinsing water. This provides for less water and detergent consumption, a multiple use of the cleaning fluid of e.g. 1,000 to 5,000 cycles, a multiple use of the rinse water of up to 15 cycles (depending on tank / circuit number in the system) and significantly lower operating costs.

The kolb-developed CrossLoop Technology is a process for the reprocessing of the rinse water up to 200 times. It therefore offers an useful extension of the standard kolb ClosedLoop technology. Prerequisite for using the process is a 3-tank configuration as well as a WPCL-IU SYMBIO module that can be integrated into the cleaning system. For kolb 2-tank systems, the third tank required for the CrossLoop process is located in the corresponding SYMBIO module.

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