KemLab Inc. Redefines Semiconductor Procurement: First Resist Company to Offer Small Volumes and Samples Online

KemLab Inc., a pioneering developer of advanced materials for microelectronics and MEMS applications, is pleased to offer a cutting-edge online shop, making it the first resist company to offer small volumes and samples of resist online.


KemLab’s online shop, available at, redefines accessibility for customers in need of semiconductor materials. This platform allows researchers, engineers, and businesses to effortlessly access and purchase small volumes and samples of high-quality resist products directly from the comfort of their devices.

In a highly competitive market where access to top-tier semiconductor materials can be challenging, KemLab’s online shop offers a game-changing solution. The platform features a wide range of cutting-edge resist materials, including innovative formulations, photolithography, and electron beam resists that cater to diverse industry requirements.

One of the key advantages of the KemLab online shop is its commitment to serving customers of all sizes. While many companies in the semiconductor materials industry primarily focus on large-scale orders, KemLab’s platform empowers startups, research institutions, and businesses of all sizes to procure small volumes and samples of resist, enabling them to test and evaluate the quality and performance of these materials firsthand.

“KemLab has a long-standing tradition of innovation and customer-centricity, and our online shop is the embodiment of these principles,” stated Jeremy Golden, General Manager. “By offering small volumes and samples of resist materials online, we are simplifying the procurement process for our valued customers, making high-quality semiconductor materials more accessible than ever before.”

To explore KemLab’s extensive range of semiconductor materials or to make a purchase, visit the online shop at