JTAGLive Studio – Celebrating 10 years of competitive board test solutions

In November 2009 JTAG Technologies launched JTAGLive and introduced the world to the first full- function boundary-scan tool-set for realistic budgets. Ten years on JTAG Live has become the most important easy-to-use and accessible JTAG tool suite for PCB assembly testing, debugging and programming within SME companies as well as design engineering groups. JTAG Live remains the ideal introduction to JTAG/boundary-scan technology and demonstrates how much can be achieved with low-cost tools.

As part of the 10-year celebration JTAG Technologies are offering a free extended trial of JTAGLive Studio, the full JTAGLive suite. Purchase the JTAGLive controller – the hardware interface for PCs- for £150 and you will also receive a fully supported 150-day licence for JTAGLive Studio. Enough time we think to give the system a thorough evaluation and decide it’s the tool for you. At the end of the trial you can upgrade to a permanent Studio licence for the cost difference of £2850 or just keep your JL controller for use with the free for life Buzz system.

Device testing with Python
Included in Studio is our Python-based scripting system that makes it easy to create device level logic ‘cluster’ tests and promotes test module re-use. With Python there’s no need to negotiate cryptic syntax or consult bespoke language manuals.

AutoBuzz your interconnects
With JTAGLive Studio no CAD netlist data is needed, get started by initialising the TAP chain builder and assign BSDL models to the detected JTAG components. To make an interconnections test use AutoBuzz to ‘ring-out’ all the boundary-scan to boundary-scan pin connections and build up a connectivity map from a known good reference. A compare facility will highlight any subsequent errors.

Want to view test result on schematic or layout? Simply add the Visualizer viewer option and link errors reports to highlight nets, components and pins onto a graphical display.

Visit https://www.jtag.com/jtag-live-package-deal

Background – Advantages/Benefits of Python
The diverse application of the Python language is a result of features which give this language an edge over others. Some of the benefits of programming in Python include:

• Presence of Third Party Modules:
The Python Package Index (PyPI) contains numerous third-party modules that make Python capable of interacting with most of the other languages and platforms.

• Extensive Support Libraries:
Python provides a large standard library which includes areas like internet protocols, string operations, web services tools and operating system interfaces.

• Open Source and Community Development:
Python language is developed under an OSI-approved open source license, which makes it free to use and distribute, including for commercial purposes.

• Learning Ease and Support Available:
Python offers excellent readability and uncluttered simple-to-learn syntax which helps beginners to utilize this programming language. Additionally, the wide base of users and active developers has resulted in a rich internet resource bank to encourage development and the continued adoption of the language.