It’s D-Day in France!

Our Italian colleagues and Latin scholars will know that the letter ‘D’ is the Roman numeral for 500. Right now, on the Europlacer manufacturing floor in Rocheserviere in France, the production team is preparing to build our 500th iineo placement machine.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given that machine number 500 is entering production, the iineo platform has proven to be Europlacer’s most successful placement system product. Known since its inception for its extreme flexibility, the iineo has become the pick & place machine of choice for electronics manufacturers around the world.

With an order backlog, iineo machine number 500 is being built for stock, so its allocation to signed sales contracts in the Europlacer order book has not yet been made. We don’t know whether it will end up in Europe, Asia, the US or in one of our rapidly-growing territories in India, South America or the Middle East.

“Wherever iineo-500 lands, it will mark a significant milestone for Europlacer and the world’s electronics production sector,” says Andy Jones, Business Development and UK Sales Manager at Europlacer. “The eventual owner can expect celebrations to accompany the machine delivery.”