“Invented by ASYS” – Patented Spirit of Invention at Productronica 2023

When the industry gathers for the world’s leading exhibition Productronica in Munich from November 14 to 17, 2023, the ASYS Group as a technology leader cannot be missing. Patented and awarded the “Invented by ASYS” seal of quality, the latest product developments will be on display in Hall A3/277. They underline the ASYS Group’s passion for innovative and continuous development in manufacturing.

With sustainable expertise in automation and digitalization, the ASYS Group is globally active in mechanical and plant engineering. As a highly specialized technology leader, ASYS develops and manufactures process and line solutions for the world’s most successful brands. With its broad base in three future-proof industries – Electronics, Energy and Life Science – the ASYS brand stands for the highest international standards in quality and manufacturing.

Software Solutions for the Shopfloor Thanks to Smart Factory Manager

ASYS is ahead with its solutions for material logistics. Together with the software solutions of the Smart Factory Manager PULSE PRO, control in manufacturing succeeds with ease. In the Smart Factory Manager PULSE PRO, ASYS combines its entire range of software solutions for the Shopfloor. PULSE PRO is the control center of the Smart Factory and offers solutions on all levels with its numerous functions. ASYS thus closes the gap between the Shopfloor and the MES/ERP systems. Operators have the entire Shopfloor in view and can achieve optimum productivity. Thanks to PULSE PRO, the increasingly fast-growing complexity in manufacturing becomes controllable and manageable.

Invented by ASYS – The ASYS HERMES Assistant

Automation solutions are equipped with SMEMA interfaces to upstream and downstream processes as standard. In addition, an established interface is available as an option: the Hermes Standard. Introduced in 2018 by a group of leading equipment manufacturers (including the ASYS Group), it is based on supplier-independent machine-to-machine (M-to-M) communication and is freely accessible to all devices and suppliers.

Thanks to the interfaces of HERMES machine communication, the newly developed ASYS HERMES Assistant offers a unique function on the market to further simplify the HERMES standard. The ASYS HERMES Assistant bundles all line-related tasks centrally at one PC workstation. Whereas preparing the line changeover via HERMES used to take a certain amount of time, this is now done off-line, centrally and with just a few mouse clicks. There is no longer any need for lengthy programming work, which previously affected each machine individually. Thanks to the HERMES machine communication interfaces, many tasks can be performed more efficiently and programs can be managed clearly. With HERMES, a maximum of 200 product programs can be stored. The ASYS HERMES Assistant, on the other hand, offers unlimited storage capacity. The HERMES functions are integrated in the ASYS Smart Factory Manager PULSE PRO.

The ASYS Smart Buffer – Space Miracle of the Newest Kind                        

With the Smart Buffer, ASYS complements its storage portfolio with a modular and scalable Shopfloor buffer system for PCB magazines, KLT boxes and tray stacks. The buffer consists of three to five FIFO-optimized buffer levels as well as upstream and downstream vertical lifts. Due to its modular design, the buffer can be designed with a wide range of buffer capacities. Depending on the available room height, this capacity can be achieved by a configuration in height and length. The internal transfer concept allows direct access to each individual transport unit.

With storage space for up to 100 magazines and its slim, line-like dimensions, the buffer can be flexibly placed within production environments and fits perfectly between production lines. The ability to place the buffer directly against a wall or back-to-back also allows optimal use of the buffer’s space. The transfer and takeover process can be carried out manually by an operator, by trolley or by an autonomous mobile robot. Thus, depending on the degree of automation, the buffer can be adapted to the current production process.

Patented Stack Separation with Line Loader AES 03 Speed

The innovative VEGO line loader AES 03 Speed enables fully autonomous feeding of PCBs to the SMD line. Material exchange takes place with an AMR transport robot for both assembled assemblies and unassembled PCBs. In addition, the system offers a 2-in-1 solution that guarantees 30% less space requirement in production.

100% traceability back to the raw PCB

Another remarkable advantage compared to conventional stack loaders: the packaging units of the PCB stacks (also called batches) are made traceable by the AES 03 Speed. The batches from the packaging units are stored separately in the magazine and do not mix with each other. Before a batch is inserted into the stacking magazine, a scan of the packaging unit code (batch code) is performed, which is then assigned to a specific magazine slot. When the PCB package is removed from the magazine slot and separated, the batch code is transmitted to the downstream laser marking system. At this point, the batch code is “married” to the product code. This makes it possible to trace the assembly back to the PCB manufacturer – a requirement that is particularly important in the automotive industry.

Autonomous manufacturing demonstrated by SERIO 6000 “Sphere

Two years ago, EKRA, an ASYS Group company, introduced the world’s first fully autonomous printer: the SERIO 6000. With the latest development for the SERIO 6000, the electric “Sphere” printhead, EKRA achieves a major plus in terms of sustainability: The “Sphere” print head is electrically controlled. Two squeegee blades act as a kind of excavator shovel that picks up the paste from the stencil into the squeegee as it is pulled together. The paste can be transferred to another stencil or removed from the printer encapsulated in the squeegee cassette. This avoids unnecessary waste of materials.

Whether in the printing sector, in software development, in material handling or  material logistics: The innovative solutions, „Invented by“ ASYS Group, can be scaled at any time and adapted to individual, customer-specific challenges.

Under the mission “Everything’s connected”, team ASYS is also available for personal networking with customers and interested parties in hall A3/booth 277   at Productronica in Munich.