Introducing ENDURA-TEKTM: The Ultimate Solution for Heavy-Duty ESD Storage and Transportation Needs

Protektive Pak, a leader in ESD packaging solutions, proudly introduces ENDURA-TEKTM material, with a focus on durability, reliability, and unparalleled ESD protection, ENDURA-TEKTM sets a new standard in static-sensitive equipment packaging.

Manufactured from an extruded honeycomb structure of high-impact polypropylene, ENDURA-TEKTM boasts exceptional strength and resilience, surpassing traditional I-Fluted materials in longevity and performance. ENDURA-TEKTM ensures your valuable ESD components and assemblies remain protected against electrostatic discharge. ENDURA-TEKTM is engineered to provide a reliable path-to-ground of less than 1 x 10^4 ohms. Printed with the ESD protective symbol as mandated by ANSI/ESD S541.

ENDURA-TEKTM is both chemical and moisture resistant, making it the go-to choice where conventional corrugated or paper products cannot be used. Whether you’re in manufacturing, or electronics assembly, ENDURA-TEKTM delivers unmatched performance.

Our ENDURA-TEKTM product line includes Storage Containers, Tek Trays, and Open Bin Boxes, offering an efficient and reliable means of transporting or storing static-sensitive items where ESD protection is paramount.

Experience the durability and strength of our NEW ENDURA-TEKTM material today.
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