Interview at APEX 2022 with Danny Lumbreras, Sales Manager, X-ray USA Division

Hi Danny, could you start by giving us a brief overview of Scienscope?

Scienscope was founded in 1994 by our owner and CEO, Eddy Lin, who is our engineer and is responsible for the design of all of our machines.  Scienscope started out by manufacturing microscopes and measuring systems, and then moved over into the x-ray side. Once I joined the company, we saw a real need for component management. Eddy was developing a component counter and because of my experience coming from my process engineer background where I was in the stockroom running the machines, I was able to offer him my insight into dealing with shortages and line downtime. I shared my theory behind the component counting and Eddy and I tied this together and developed the product from there. On the X-ray side, people are needing to carry out non-destructive failure analysis now because of military and medical requirements and traceability has become essential.

What have your thoughts been on the APEX event?

We’ve actually had a really great turnout to our booth, with visitors looking to solve their component management needs. Probably one of the big booms right now is understanding components and how important it is to have them and with the global component shortages occurring, it’s essential for businesses to keep an accurate quantity on hand.

What technologies are Scienscope showcasing at APEX?

We’ve brought along our whole component management side from inventory to incoming material stations, component counting and storage solutions. We’ve also brought our XSpection 6000, which is our flagship model, and our most technologically advanced X-Ray inspection system, to offer the customers a broad range of what we have availableHowever, the component management side is one of our biggest highlights.  

We are hearing customers saying that they don’t have enough people, or that people don’t want to work right now and asking us what we can offer them to help in their stock rooms. Scienscope offers its customers a closed loop of machines that will take them from start to finish in the stock room – our machines introduce new reels to the inventory, count the components and store them. 

Have you seen that become even more of a necessity during the pandemic?

Oh, a lot more of a necessity.  And it’s going to keep booming even after the pandemic because people have not been managing their components effectively and even throwing away excess ones. It’s vital for customers to know how many components they have to hand to avoid any line downtime. 

What are your plans for the remainder of 2022 and beyond?

Automation is going to be Scienscope’s number one priority, and we’ll be introducing an automated version of all of our machines. We’re seeing customers demanding more and more automation, in order to achieve time and workforce savings. Some of our machines cost the same as a year’s salary of an employee but are able to do the job of 3-4 people using just a single person, so the cost savings and time management using automation is going to improve processes massively.  We’re really looking forward to what’s on the horizon for this year and beyond.