InnovationLab announces a powerful software package for its printed sensors

InnovationLab, the expert in printed electronics “from lab to fab”, today announced the availability of a downloadable software package, SensorMatrixLAB, that significantly simplifies the use of its printable sensors.

Free of charge for existing customers, SensorMatrixLAB simplifies the process of getting started with InnovationLab’s printed sensors and enables the visualization and processing of sensor generated data. By providing a complete solution consisting of hardware sensors and a user-friendly software package, InnovationLab now makes development of projects utilizing its sensors faster, easier and more efficient.

“At InnovationLab, we offer a complete support environment, from the actual sensors, to this new software package, all coupled together with a knowledgeable advice and consultancy service,” said Luat Nguyen, Managing Director at InnovationLab. “Together, this all adds up to fully-fledged solution that helps our customers to develop sensor solutions from concept, to prototype, to high volume fabrication.”

Providing a comprehensive set of features, SensorMatrixLAB includes advanced data visualization and high speed data recording with replay capability. Built-in API access enables live data integration into other programs on the same PC. The software package supports multiple communication interfaces: USB serial, Wi-Fi and Ethernet and enables advanced hardware configuration, readout electronics fine tuning, as well as standalone operation via CAN.

The software now provides extensive support for InnovationLab’s printed pressure sensors, including customized sensor matrixes. Support for the company’s full range of sensor matrixes is now in the pipeline. For proper functionality, the software requires hardware from InnovationLab and a PC running Microsoft Windows 10 or higher.

SensorMatrixLAB can be downloaded from