Indium Corporation’s Proven Jetting Paste Recommended by NSW Automation

Indium Corporation’s newest jetting and microdispensing solder paste, Indium12.8HF, has been officially recommended by NSW Automation for use with their newest microfluid dispenser, SD1.

The SD1 Automated Intelligent Micro-dispenser dispenses at a minimum of 80µm, the smallest solder dot in the world, with gaps as small as 20µm, while downsizing the equipment footprint up to 48%. Thanks to the development effort between the two companies, Indium12.8HF is the recommended product to be used on this system to achieve those fine dots and lines. This no-clean, halogen-free solder paste helps deliver exceptional microdispensing performance in standalone applications, such as system-in-package (SiP), jetting into cavities, stencil-replacement, shield-attach, and microBGA. It also complements the stencil printing of Indium Corporation’s best-selling solder paste, Indium8.9HF.

“This is an exciting time for our friends at NSW Automation and for us as well,” said Kenneth Thum, Senior Area Technical Manager at Indium Corporation, who has been working with NSW Automation on the fine-feature dispensing projects. “As more applications begin to adapt finer pitches and smaller packages, it’s critical that we deliver reliable equipment and materials that provide solutions to today’s challenges.”

Additionally, Indium12.8HF:

  • Offers a flexible metal load (78-85%) to provide optimal dispensability
  • Fine-powder adaptability: Type 5, Type 6, Type 7
  • Has a clear residue with minimal flow-out
  • Significantly reduces head-in-pillow (HIP)
  • Eliminates or significantly reduces graping
  • Minimizes reflow spatter

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