Indium Corporation’s ITO and IGZO Reclaim and Recycle Program Helps Customers Increase ROI


Indium Corporation’s indium tin oxide (ITO) and indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) reclaim and recycle program enables customers to earn a greater return on production materials.

ITO and IGZO targets are widely used for coating glass and display surfaces. Since not all the material is consumed in the deposition process, Indium Corporation reclaims the unused portions of the targets and any indium left in the deposition chambers or on the equipment.

“Financially, it makes no sense to dispose of the unused ITO and IGZO targets,” said Robert Ploessl, Product Manager of Compounds. “By recycling this material with Indium Corporation, users can avoid disposal costs and seize the opportunity to earn financial credit in return.”

Indium Corporation also offers reclaim and recycle programs for indium and indium alloys, germanium, solder pot dross, and contaminated solder.

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