Indium Corporation to Present on e-Mobility at SMTA Rocky Mountain

Indium Corporation’s Brian O’Leary, global accounts manager and global head of e-Mobility and infrastructure, will be presenting on market trends in the thriving electric vehicle (EV) landscape at the SMTA Rocky Mountain Expo & Tech Forum, Thursday, March 10, Denver, Colo., U.S.

Today’s automotive landscape is changing at a breathtaking speed.

Start-ups and legacy automotive makers alike are pouring billions of dollars into EVs. They are called “computers on wheels” – and for good reason: EVs have more than three times the electronics and a fraction of the mechanical parts of an internal combustion engine. Unlike prior technologies that might have started in the U.S. only to later migrate offshore, EVs are an equal opportunity industry with thriving local manufacturing and a trend to source locally. In e-Mobility: Important Trends to Help Drive Your Business, O’Leary will explore some important trends in the market, such as commercial, technological, and supply chain. Participants should leave with key insights on how they might compete in this exciting and growing industry.

O’Leary is responsible for promoting Indium Corporation’s full range of products and services for e-Mobility, which include the markets for EVs, charging stations, and infrastructure among others. He joined Indium Corporation in 2014 and has more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and channel management in the electronics industry. He earned his master’s degree in international management at the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University, Phoenix, Ariz. He also co-authored two books on thermal profiling: Profiling Guide for Profitability and Profiling Guide for Six Sigma.