Indium Corporation to Host Electrical Reliability Webinar

Certain high-reliability pockets of the electronics industry—including telecommunications, defense, aerospace, and medical—place high value on the cleanliness of the finished PCBA. For many modern applications that adapted to rosin-based, no-clean solder pastes and fluxes, the ingrained practice of cleaning for the sake of flux residue removal has lived on for a myriad of reasons.

As part of the company’s free webinar program, the InSIDER Series, at 8 a.m. San Francisco/11 a.m. New York/4 p.m. London/6 p.m. Germany on Wednesday, Nov. 17, Indium Corporation’s Thuy Nguyen, technical support engineer, will host a webinar on modern no-clean solder pastes and whether they provide comparable electrical reliability to those that require residue removal.

Due to miniaturization and other trends (such as lower standoffs), new no-clean solder pastes and fluxes are being developed with a higher requirement on Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) to ensure electrical reliability without cleaning off the residue. However, have the enhanced properties of modern formulations mitigated the need to clean? Join Nguyen as she analyzes tests (conducted with the J-STD-004B SIR test method) performed with some new no-clean solder pastes to get the answer.

You can register for her webinar at