Indium Corporation Offers ‘Back to School’ SMT IQ Test

Class is in session once again as Indium Corporation offers a new round of its successful test for industry professionals to measure their surface mount technology (SMT) knowledge. Organized by Dr. Ron Lasky, senior technologist, the test offers prizes—and bragging rights—to those who get a high score.

Designed to reinforce—or improve—foundational SMT knowledge for industry newcomers and veterans, the free test features 10 multiple-choice questions. Based on the number of correct results, respondents will be ranked from President’s List (for those who achieve a perfect score) down to Repeat the Course (for those who score three or fewer correct responses).  The test can be accessed on Dr. Lasky’s blog and Indium Corporation’s LinkedIn account

“I am excited for the opportunity to bring the SMT IQ test to our friends in the industry,” Lasky said. “As a college professor, I know that the lessons learned in the classroom can create a strong foundation for professional success. I hope all participants study hard and have fun.”

Five lucky participants will be randomly selected to win a $25 digital gift card. Respondents will have to provide their email address when completing the survey in order to be eligible.

If potential test takers are looking to brush up on their SMT knowledge prior to taking the test, visit Dr. Lasky’s blog at