Indium Corporation Experts to Present at EPTC

Three Indium Corporation experts will present on the evolution of high-temperature lead-free solders, thermal management challenges for advanced packaging, and give a sponsored presentation on the company’s high-performance, high-reliability materials during the virtual Electronics Packaging Technology Conference (EPTC), Dec. 1-3.

The development of high-temperature lead-free (HTLF) solders to replace high-lead solders for die-attachment in power device applications is driven by a number of influences, including the harmful effects of lead to human health and the environment, and the demand of the improved bonding materials serving under high-power density and high-junction temperatures, especially for wide-band-gap power devices. In The Evolution of High-Temperature Pb-Free Solder for Die-Attachment in Power Discrete Applications, Sze Pei Lim, global product manager for Semiconductor and Advanced Materials, will examine a novel design based on a mixed solder powder paste technology—Durafuse™ HT—developed to deliver a Sn-rich HTLF paste, presenting the merits of both constituent powders.

The high-performance computing (HPC) module and AI market is seeing some enormous simultaneous changes. The computational needs of XPU and tensor processors are causing die area to grow, with higher areal power density, and HBM DRAM stacks are now located immediately adjacent to the processor. In his on-demand technology talk—Thermal Management Challenges for Advance Packaging in HPC/AI/ML—Dr. Andy Mackie, principal engineer and manager for Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) Applications, will discuss how metallic TIMs are providing the low thermal resistance, high-reliability, and flexibility for advanced compute modules and systems, in TIM1 (die-lid), TIM2 (lid-heat-sink), and TIM0 (1.5) (die to heat-sink) applications. He will discuss the latest developments for indium and other metal alloys as reliable solderable solutions that have demonstrated very high bulk thermal conductivity, relative to more common polymer TIMs for TIM1 applications, as well as illustrating engineered variations of indium alloys that do not require a solder reflow process, eliminating manufacturing process steps. Dr. Mackie’s presentation will be available for on-demand viewing from Dec. 2-31.

As Indium Corporation is a conference sponsor, Area Technical Manager Dean Payne will give a 10-minute presentation on Indium Corporation’s high-performance, high-reliability innovations for next-generation applications. Products covered during the presentation will include NC-809, one of the company’s no-clean, ultra-low residue fluxes for flip-chip and ball-attach applications; unique liquid metal and hybrid liquid metal TIMs for high-performance, ultra-reliable heat dissipation; and Durafuse™ HT, a patent-pending high-temperature lead-free paste designed to replace high-lead in power discrete applications.

Lim, who is based in Malaysia, manages the semiconductor product lines globally and works closely with the internal sales and R&D teams to develop solutions for industry needs and requirements. She also collaborates with external customers and corporate partners to support the industry’s move towards heterogeneous integration. Some of her recent work includes the development of materials and processes for advanced packaging for fine feature printing for SiP applications as well as for one-step OSP ball-attach applications. Lim has more than 25 years of experience, specifically in the areas of PCB assembly and surface mount technology. She joined Indium Corporation in 2007 as a technical manager in Southeast Asia. Prior to that, she was a research and development chemist, focusing on solder paste and flux formulation. Lim also worked as a technical manager at Inventec for nine years, where she provided technical support and managed testing in the lab. Lim earned her bachelor’s degree from the National University of Singapore, where she majored in industrial chemistry with a focus in polymers. She is a Certified SMT Process Engineer, has earned her Six Sigma Green Belt designation, and is heavily involved in many research and road mapping organizations.

Dr. Mackie is an electronics industry expert with a technical background in physical chemistry, surface chemistry, rheology, and semiconductor fabrication, assembly materials, and processes. His professional experience covers all aspects of electronics manufacturing from wafer fabrication to semiconductor packaging and SMT/electronics assembly. Dr. Mackie also has responsibility for the development of Indium Corporation’s Applied Technology Roadmap. In his current role, he is focused on identifying thermal material needs and trends for various high-performance applications, as well as the development and testing of innovative solutions to meet emerging TIMs requirements. Dr. Mackie has been an invited international keynote speaker and has lectured internationally on subjects ranging from sub-ppb metals analysis in supercritical carbon dioxide to solder paste rheology. He holds patents in novel polymers, heterogeneous catalysis, and solder paste formulation.

Payne is a newly appointed product manager overseeing some of Indium Corporation’s material offerings for semiconductor devices. In his previous role as an area technical manager, he was responsible for coordinating and managing technical service and resources to multinational accounts in Asia, and assisting with new business development, new product development, and problem resolution. He is based at the company’s Asia-Pacific Operations in Singapore. He has more than 13 years of experience in semiconductor/wafer fabrication. Prior to joining Indium Corporation in 2017, he worked as a photolithography process engineer for an international semiconductor assembly and test facility, where he focused on process improvement, hold lot disposition, and updating process specifications.