Indium Corporation Expert to Present at Low-Temperature Soldering Conference

Indium Corporation’s Claire Hotvedt, CSMPTE, Product Development Specialist, will present on the company’s innovative low-temperature solder offering during the virtual Low-Temperature Soldering Conference, at 3:30 p.m. Eastern/8:30 p.m. British, June 16.

Low-temperature solders with reflow peak temperatures of 200°C or below are valuable SMT process tools. However, high indium- and bismuth-containing materials have drawbacks in regards to temperature sensitivity and mechanical shock reliability. In Reducing Reflow Temperature and Retaining Material Properties with Mixed Powder Solder Technology, Hotvedt will examine how the novel solder alloy technology brings mid-temperature solder properties into the upper edge of the low-temperature space. Taking advantage of novel solder alloy opportunities also requires a new understanding of the reflow process considerations using a plateau-type profile.

 Hotvedt is responsible for facilitating the transition of new solder paste products from developmental stages into fully launched and marketable solutions. She also oversees product characterization and creation of marketing material to assist the sales team. Prior to joining Indium Corporation in 2018, Hotvedt held two engineering positions—one at Orthogonal, Inc. and one at Bristol Myers Squibb. She was also a summer intern at Indium Corporation in 2014.