Indium Corporation Details the Versatility of Indium Alloys

indium_phil-zarrow-and-carol-gowansIndium Corporation’s newest informational video provides an overview of the versatility of indium when alloyed with other metals.


This brief video, which can be found at, features Indium Corporation’s Indium and Bismuth Product Manager Carol Gowans as she explains how vast temperature ranges enable indium and indium alloys to be used for many diverse applications.


“Indium operates very well in a wide variety of temperature ranges,” Gowans explains. “It’s a very fun and exciting material, and I’m still amazed at how it serves new technologies due to its capabilities, including the ability to work in harsh environments, superior wetting performance, and gold leaching resistance. Indium is also really good with regard to thermal fatigue and has fantastic thermal conductivity properties.”


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Gowans has more than 30 years of experience in sales and product management, focusing on emerging markets and technologies. Covering a variety of markets, including medical, aerospace, and electronics manufacturing, her goal is to identify the requirements of each target market and select the right tools (including products, technical support, etc.) to meet those requirements. Gowans has authored papers on Solder Fortification® and improving solder joint reliability with the use of solder preforms. She also authors a blog on engineered solders, which can be found at