Ignys Ltd design consultancy shares important chip shortage statement

The chip shortages are having wide reaching consequences on many sectors particularly those within innovation and technology markets. 

Nottingham based electronics design and software development consultancy Ignys Ltd share an important message regarding these changes.

MD Richard Fletcher explains “We have a responsibility to share what’s going on with our fellow businesses and all product designers. In response to this we have created an extensive article to explain the chip shortage situation in far greater depth. The most important sections of this are those designed to help people to actively tackle these unprecedented changes.”

The Ignys Design For Availability article explains the reasons behind the chip shortages, in particular the vast increase in demand for parts and goes into detail about tactics which can be used and incorporated into product roadmaps. As well as offering multiple tips such as making sure the components you need can be obtained from multiple sources and treating bespoke designs with caution. These tips can help prevent lengthy delays from damaging product development plans.

“Supply lead times for electronics components have significantly increased. We are seeing lead times from six months to two years for certain parts. We are advising everyone to check your inventory and forecasts and to place forward orders or letters of intent with your chosen electronics design partners to help with ongoing supply. For projects currently in development we advise ordering enough components for product launch at the schematic stage before a first PCB has been laid out, prototyped or tested.”

Read the Ignys team’s official statement in full which also looks at risk balance and grey market components.