HumiSeal® UV500 Gains BMW QPL Acceptance


HumiSeal®, a leading conformal coating manufacturer announced that BMW has approved UV500 for their Qualified Products List (QPL) following testing to the BMW GS-95011 test standard.   Designed for high reliability applications, UV500 is the latest product addition to HumiSeal’s UV cure range of conformal coatings and is available globally from HumiSeal or through our authorized channel partners.  

UV500, a single component UV curable conformal coating, designed to assure the highest levels of environmental protection and ease of application.   The HumiSeal research and development team engineered best in class electrical and thermo-mechanical coating performance – vital for long term reliability and performance of electronic assemblies in adverse environmental conditions.   In addition, the product has reduced surface tension for improved wetting during coating.   UV500 cures with industry standard UV cure equipment for high throughput manufacturing while possessing a secondary moisture cure system to ensure full cure in shadow areas that may not be exposed to UV light.

UV500 benefits include:

  • Primary UV cure with secondary moisture cure – for rapid processing times, high throughput and shadow area cure.
  • Reworkability through chemical removal – allowing ease of component replacement if and when required.
  • Improved flow characteristics – improved thickness uniformity distribution and sharp edge coverage compared to competitive systems.
  • Best in class SIR/MIR performance – assurance of superior electrical protection in high humidity.
  • Proven thermal shock resistance – enhanced reliability under extreme thermal shock conditions when compared to earlier UV technologies available in the market.

Keith Waryold, Global Business Unit Director said:

“We are honored to gain this qualification.   UV500 is gaining ground in a very short time as the choice material for high reliability applications in the conformal coating industry.   BMW’s strict testing regiment solidifies our confidence in the material’s ability to pass some of the strictest testing regiments in existence today.   As reliability and longevity of the PCB assemblies becomes more critical, OEM design engineering teams working with UV500 can be assured of the longevity and dependability of the coating.”