High-Power-Density DC/DC Converters Target Rail and Industrial Applications from 20W to 60W

den042_hiThe latest RECOM wide input-voltage range DC/DC converters are now available from Dengrove Electronic Components. The 1” x 1” 20-Watt RPA20-AW and 30-Watt RPA30-AW, and 2” x 1” 60-Watt RPA60-AW, deliver high power density and rugged performance with 1.6kV safety isolation and built-in short-circuit, over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection.


The units satisfy industrial safety specifications including UL and IEC/EN60950-1, and also comply with EN50155, the harmonised European standard for railway electronic equipment. With their nominal 24V input voltage, and maximum range of 9V to 36V, they can fulfil a wide range of applications on-board railway rolling stock or in industrial controls and general distributed power architectures.


Output-voltage options are 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, ±12V or ±15V for the RPA20-AW and RPA30-AW, and 12V, 15V or 24V for the RPA60-AW. The single-output versions can be trimmed by ±10%, by connecting an external resistor to the trim pin. All models operate with no minimum load, and maintain a tightly regulated output with low ripple and noise.

The converters operate at high efficiency, up to 93.3% for the RPA60-AW, and provide options including an on/off control pin and a glued aluminium heatsink to extend the ambient operating-temperature range to 60°C at full power and over 80°C with derating. All units assure high reliability backed up by RECOM’s 3-year warranty.