Heraeus Successfully Defends Patent for Metal Sintering

Heraeus Electronics GmbH & Co KG (“Heraeus”), a global leader in electronic materials and technologies, announces the successful defense of its key European patent no. EP 3215288 B1. This patent encompasses the use of specific metal sintering preparations for connecting electronic components in Germany, as well as the metal sintering preparations themselves in France, Italy, Hungary and Romania. This patent is important for those involved in using such preparations for connecting electronic components, such as semiconductors, in these regions.

 The validity of the patent, particularly concerning the use of specific metal sintering preparations for connecting electronic components, was recently confirmed by the Federal Patent Court. This follows an attempt by Vibrantz GmbH (“Vibrantz”) to invalidate the German part of the patent through a nullity suit (file no. 3 Ni 26/21 (EP) – also published as BPatG GRUR-RS 2023, 44592 – Metallsinter). The court’s decision in favor of Heraeus has now become final after Vibrantz withdrew their appeal to the Federal Court of Justice (file no. X ZR 21/24).

Heraeus is committed to take proactive steps to protect its intellectual property. The above patent is also subject to an infringement lawsuit (case no. ACT_13227/2024) with the Local Chamber Munich of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) concerning the German, French and Italian parts of the patent. 

Heraeus’ patented metal sintering technology is significant for the reliable and efficient connection of electronic components, offering excellent performance and stability. By defending this patent, Heraeus ensures that its technologies remain protected, enabling continued innovation and progress within the semiconductor industry.