GEN3 Announces First Shipment of Next-GENeration GEN3 CM Contaminometer to Renowned Aerospace Company in Germany

GEN3, Global leader in SIR, CAF, Solderability, Ionic Contamination & process optimisation equipment, is pleased to announce the first shipment of its newly released next-GENeration CM Contaminometer Process Ionic Contamination Tester to a world renowned aerospace company at their facility in Germany. The sale was facilitated by GEN3’s long established German distributor, Stannol. With history dating from 1920, the globally recognized leader in development, manufacturing and supply of high-quality soldering materials and solutions, Stannol has distributed GEN3 products across Europe for more than 20 years.

The aerospace company, with its rich heritage spanning more than a century in Germany, has been at the forefront of aerospace innovation. With numerous facilities across the country, they continue to push the boundaries of military and commercial aviation capabilities worldwide.

The new CM Series offers a range of groundbreaking features engineered to elevate user experience and deliver world-class measurement capabilities. It comes equipped with state-of-the-art software featuring a redesigned user interface, ensuring a seamless and enhanced testing experience. With an accelerated testing cycle completing in an impressive <6 minutes, the system offers enhanced efficiency without compromising accuracy. The redesigned hardware optimizes measurement capability, delivering enhanced accuracy and stability.

The cutting-edge Contaminometer is Six-Sigma (6σ) verified as a process control tool, setting a global standard for achieving objective evidence in contamination testing. Redesigned analysis tools enable effortless cross-referencing with library data, enhancing traceability features for comprehensive board history tracking. The system is further equipped with automatic temperature and CO2 compensation, ensuring precise measurements in compliance with the latest international standards. In addition the next GENeration CM boasts an array of other new features:

  • New advanced traceability features for tracking boards and their history  
  • New capability to run ROSE test and PICT – In accordance with Objective Evidence
  • New alarms for solution leakage and reduced ventilation
  • New built-in conductivity meter
  • Improved accuracy and stability with redesigned hardware for optimum measurement capability

The collaboration between GEN3, Stannol and the aerospace company represents a shared commitment to innovation, quality and reliability in contamination testing. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of the new GENeration CM Series, the aerospace company aims to enhance its quality control processes and uphold its reputation as a leader in the aerospace industry ensuring they are the leaders in their field.

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