Fully automatic goods receiving solution for all materials from ASYS

With the fully automatic goods receiving solution from ASYS, any material can be tracked in production from the very beginning. At SMT connect ASYS presents its solution portfolio based on the goods receiving scenario for component rolls.

At first the component rolls are fed to a Scan&Label station. During the scanning
process, they are registered in the higher-level system and assigned a unique ID. Then an X-ray cell can be integrated in the receiving station – offline or inline – which counts the components on the roll and thus takes over the process control for component rolls. If component rolls have been supplied rolls to the production so far, often the exact number of loaded components was not known, as it is not recorded due to the process, e.g. splicing. The X-ray cell accurately counts the number of components on each roll for easily verifying the inventory. Finally, the rolls are prepared for automated transport in production and traceable storage. They are grouped in containers, which are then transported by AIVs (autonomous intelligent vehicles) through production or to central, fully automatic warehouses. These containers are uniquely traced and identified by RFID along their entire journey through manufacturing.

This goods receiving scenario can be applied to all materials such as raw circuit boards, consumables or trays, but, depending on the version, with a different degree of automation with partially manual processes.