Full stock of disinfectants at Emil Otto

Assuming the corona situation could become critical again in this autumn, Emil Otto has taken precautions and ramped up disinfectant production in late summer to guarantee fast delivery. Furthermore, disinfectant gels with an alcohol content of over 90% were developed.

“In regard to disinfectants, our warehouses are well stocked, and we can deliver immediately”, according to Markus Geßner, responsible for marketing and sales at Emil Otto GmbH. In view of rising infection numbers in autumn, the chemical company from Eltville has taken precautions. The disinfectants developed in the spring were pre-produced in large quantities so that they can be supplied immediately if demand increases again. The product range was also further expanded. 

“We have developed flux gels with an alcohol content of over 90%. This is unique worldwide. In contrast to the usual disinfectant gels, our disinfectant gels are quickly absorbed, do not leave a sticky and unpleasant smelling lubricating film and are also skin friendly due to the addition of a glycerine component. Furthermore, the newly developed gels allow a more economical application, since they can be applied more easily than using purely liquid agents”, explains Geßner. 

Besides hand disinfectants, Emil Otto also offers surface disinfectants. The portfolio consists of agents using both ethanol and isopropanol. All products can be ordered in different packaging units, from the handy spray bottle for use in between to large containers for internal distribution. However, the guaranteed ability to deliver also applies to other products of the Emil Otto range. “In addition to the disinfectants, we can also supply all fluxes from our range quickly and reliably,” says Geßner.