SAT4M2M and Fujitsu Electronics have decided to cooperate on the development of a dedicated module enabling IoT communications via satellites

SCSThe cooperation between the two companies aims at the design, development and production of a new range of IoT LPWA (Low power Wide Area) modules to the booming IoT markets with the following disruptive key features:

Communication to Low Earth Orbits (LEO) satellite payloads according to the SAT4M2M developed protocol of communication with the use of SAT4M2M patents
Global coverage with several IoT messages / day
High capacity serving thousands of connected objects simultaneously
Low battery consumption that secures + 5 years autonomous operation with the use of small batteries
Easy integration with terrestrial LPWA solutions (Sigfox, Lora, Weightless and NB IoT)
Easy integration with GNSS capabilities (GPS, Glonass and Galileo)
Easy integration of SPI/I2C sensors
The companies

SAT4M2M: “Bringing Space to the Internet of Things”.

The company develops a disruptive LPWA space based connectivity to expand the fast growing domains of IoT and benefits from the support of EU, ESA (European Space Agency), ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), DLR (German Space Agency), leading industry partners and has secured substantial financing. The company meets the needs of a high number of business cases in the following Industrial IoT verticals: transportation & logistics, industry 4.0, agriculture, energy & environment, safety & security.

As an end user or IoT player, feel free to contact us for a participation in our on- going IoT developments & projects.