Founder of HyRel Technologies Brian Watson to Present at SMTA International on Workforce Development

HyRel Technologies, a global provider of quick turn semiconductor modification solutions, is proud to announce that Brian Watson, the company’s Founder and President, will be a featured presenter at SMTA International. The event is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, October 10 at 3:45 p.m., during the workforce development session at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

The SMTA is an international association for electronics engineering and manufacturing professionals. It offers unique access to local, regional, domestic, and global communities of experts, along with research and training materials from thousands of companies dedicated to advancing the electronics industry. SMTA boasts 55 regional chapters worldwide, 29 local vendor exhibitions, 10 technical conferences, and one large annual meeting.

Brian’s presentation will focus on workforce development and the successful initiatives undertaken by HyRel Technologies. He will share examples of successful partnerships, insights into the company’s innovative internship programs, and its approach to addressing the industry-wide skilled labor shortage.

HyRel Technologies recently celebrated the successful completion of its inaugural internship program, collaborating with Arizona State University (ASU) engineering students. These interns, now valued members of HyRel’s Robotics and Automation development team, exemplify the program’s success in fostering local talent and community engagement.

Watson expressed his pride in the interns’ achievements, stating, “We are incredibly proud of their growth and achievements. Welcoming them into the HyRel fold has been a rewarding experience, and we look forward to seeing their contributions continue elevating our team.”

As part of its commitment to addressing the skilled labor shortage in the semiconductor industry, HyRel actively seeks solutions. The company’s expansion plans for its internship program aim to involve 30-50 students from various companies across the Valley next year.

Watson shared his vision for the future of the program: “We’re not just creating a talent pipeline; we’re fostering the next generation of industry leaders. Our goal is to expand the program, offering courses on semiconductor fabs, chip design, and even Mandarin language skills, reflecting the dynamic nature of the semiconductor industry.”

HyRel Technologies maintains compliance with critical industry standards, including GEIA-STD-0006, ANSI – J-STD-002, Mil-STD202, and Mil – STD-883, reaffirming its commitment to producing technology that meets the highest performance and reliability criteria.

HyRel remains dedicated to not only advancing its business but also fostering the growth and potential of individuals who will shape the future of the semiconductor industry. For more information about HyRel’s innovative internship program and its dedication to community engagement, visit