FLITE SPREADS ITS WINGS FOR A SUCCESSFUL LIFT-OFF: FLITE is a new online collaboration hub formed to create a connected network for Female Leaders in Tech.


Female Leaders in Tech, Europe (FLITE) launches new collaboration hub


The aim of FLITE is to link together tech-savvy females within one platform, to collaborate on common business challenges; explore new business opportunities and build and expand on strong connections in a shared environment of women dedicated to helping each other succeed.


Of course, with tech in the title, FLITE is committed to creating a hub, where members can discuss, collaborate and debate the industry’s influencers, disruptors, and advancements in tech that will drive change in the near future.


FLITE is being supported by two tech industry females, Gayle Paterson and Kirsty Ambler.  Ms. Paterson has over 15 years of experience within the electronics manufacturing industry, working in executive marketing roles for leading brands in their field, such as Flex, Sanmina and now Scoop.  Ms. Ambler, as the Editor-in-Chief of EMSNow, has over 20 years of experience in the industry, with a wealth of knowledge and connections within the sector.


For the initial launch, EMSNow has been selected as one of FLITE’s media partners, to give FLITE and FLITE members a voice via its online industry news channel.


Ms. Ambler stated, I am personally and professionally excited and delighted to support FLITE and to represent EMSNow as one of the groups media partners, as a female in tech, I can see the value and importance of bringing together experienced women.  We will be able to report on the real issues and the common thread that link us all together.


Ms. Paterson added, We hope to build and maintain a new kind of mentorship, alliance and educational platform, that will be beneficial to women in their day-to-day working lives.  FLITE will become an impactful and scalable resource to help women promote themselves and their companys ethos, whilst enabling them to harness the power of a connected and knowledgeable network.


Whilst FLITE’s focus is to connect the females in tech within Europe, its message is universal, focusing on shared learning and an outward-looking perspective. Therefore, this September, on behalf of FLITE, Ms. Paterson, will host a thought-leadership ‘Women in Tech’ roundtable at SMTAI in Illinois and FLITE is actively looking for panellists and questions.


Many females are already benefiting from FLITE’s shared network, through personal development in a practical hands-on way, enabling them to make a difference.  FLITE invites you to explore what you can contribute to their network and reap the benefits of what FLITE can do for you. Join the conversation and connect to their LinkedIn group at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12000393.