FLITE partners with leading media hub ‘What’s New in Electronics”, the industry hub for everything electronics, to expand its reach


Female Leaders in Tech, Europe (FLITE) announces its partnership with leading electronics media house WNIE to increase its wingspan.


FLITE, a new online collaboration hub formed by Gayle Paterson and Kirsty Ambler, to create a connected network for Female Leaders in Tech, announced today its intention to partner with Claire Saunders, Founding Partner of WNIE and another leading female in Tech, in Europe.

WNIE (https://www.wnie.online/) is a one-stop industry news media hub for the electronics industry.  Designed to be the single-source of information, from high-level strategic issues such as; sourcing suppliers, solving production challenges and exploring open exporting opportunities, through to reading the latest news, industry journals and technical white papers.

Claire Saunders has been involved in the UK electronics industry for over 20 years and has built up a strong network of business relationships and friendships within this sector. Ms. Saunders has managed both of the industry leading trade fairs, Nepcon and National Electronics Week (NEW), now rebranded What’s New in Electronics Live.

Gayle Paterson, FLITE launch member stated, “We are delighted to have Claire join us in our quest to link together tech-savvy females within one platform.  Claire brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in establishing shared platforms to unite the industry, through her publication and events.”

Ms. Saunders added, “Being in the industry for over 20 years, I have witnessed many progressive changes.  In the way that innovation has enabled tech to drive forward at an unprecedented speed, open and honest leadership has cultivated the understanding that diverse leadership teams perform better than homogenous ones.  Groups like FLITE bring these types of discussions to the fore and I’m going to enjoy being able to provide the members of FLITE with a channel and a voice to progress their initiative even further, with an aim of embedding it into our sector’s culture and DNA.”

Many females are already benefiting from FLITE’s shared network through personal development in a practical hands-on way, enabling them to make a difference.  FLITE invites you to explore what you can contribute to their network and reap the benefits of what FLITE can do for you. Join the conversation and connect to their LinkedIn group at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12000393.

Whilst FLITE’s focus is to connect the females in tech within Europe, its message is universal, focusing on shared learning and an outward-looking perspective. Therefore, this September, on behalf of FLITE, Ms. Paterson will host a thought-leadership ‘Women in Tech’ roundtable at SMTAI in Illinois.  Further details will be posted onto the network.

About What’s New in Electronics (WNIE)

What’s New in Electronics has been created to provide a hub of information for the Electronics industry.  It is completely unique in its approach, by providing subscribers with the opportunity to have one single resource in which to source suppliers, read the latest news from leading industry journals, download technical information and white papers, advertise and find new job vacancies, view export opportunities and engage with industry professionals to help solve production challenges. Subscribe to the site and you will join over 50,000 industry professionals that will receive our monthly newsletters. By subscribing you will also get access to the latest updates and news from our supporters and guest writers, each month we will have an industry specialist who will take on some of the hot topics affecting the industry today.

We are very passionate about this industry and want to encourage and reinvigorate the Electronics community to engage with each other again.

For more information, visit https://www.wnie.online/.


Female Leaders in Tech, Europe (FLITE) aims to build a platform based on real-life experiences to help raise the visibility of females in technology.

Through our knowledge network, females come together to: lead the conversation, connect to a common community, share best practice, success stories, achievements and mentor other ambitious females entering into the tech world.

FLITE organises events, publishes articles, blogs and promotional pieces to ensure that members are kept up-to-date with influential and inspirational females, with the shared goal of empowering women in tech now and in future generations.

For more information, visit https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12000393.