FLITE (Female Leaders in Tech – Everywhere) at Productronica 2017


Gayle Paterson (FLITE Founder), is joined by Roberta Foster-Smith (Nordson ASYMTEK), Ursula Werner (Zonta International Foundation) and Claire Saunders (WNIE and FLITE co-chair) introduce the association and hold an open forum on Gender disparity in the Workplace




When one female helps another, something unique happens. 

• Bonds are formed and sometimes these can last a lifetime

• Creativity thrives, complementary skills blend and sometimes, you can learn a thing or two

• Achievement and recognition support personal development and sometimes propel careers

Female Leaders in Tech, Everywhere (FLITE) aims to build a platform based on real-life experiences to help raise the visibility of females in technology.

Through our knowledge network, females come together to; lead the conversation, connect with a common community, share best practice, success stories, achievements and mentor other ambitious females entering into the tech world.

FLITE organises events, publishes articles, blogs and promotional pieces to ensure that you are kept up-to-date with influential and inspirational females, with the shared goal of empowering ourselves and our future generation.

Our partnerships with leading industry news channels enable us to position FLITE and our members, close to the market, helping us to continuously raise positive awareness, aligned to an accurate perception of how we females, really feel about our chosen industry and profession.

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