FBDi-Compass reissued as a web model

The FBDi Environmental and Compliance Compass (‘FBDi Compass’) is now live as an updated and easy-to-use web tool. By bundling the expertise of the Competence Team Environment&Compliance, it offers valuable support for companies in all industries along the supply chain in handling EU regulations. It can be applied to all products, regardless of whether they are electrical or electronic products. In the web version, there is no separation between German and English; relevant information is stored in both languages. Another new feature is a licensing model for access, which underlines the added value of FBDi membership.

For the new web version of the FBDi Compass, the FBDi Competence Team focused on simple, interactive handling and the consideration of the latest EU regulations. It bundles a product album and an impact analysis. The product album exemplifies which product grouping is concerned. With the impact analysis, it is possible to determine what actor role one plays. It provides links to the regulations relevant to the respective product. The flow charts guide the user as simply as possible through the handling of the regulations and clearly show the steps to be observed. Each step ends with a link to the next section to be processed. The principle can be applied in the same way for each product, as the systematic approach is used instead of the detailed approach. This makes the guide a valuable navigation aid for device manufacturers, suppliers and customers in all industries when dealing with EU regulations. Thanks to interactive handling, even people who are not familiar with this area can more easily understand them and fulfill their obligations. This gives companies the opportunity to avoid time-consuming and resource-intensive searches, to proceed in a targeted and efficient manner and to reduce the risk of damage (including penalties).

Access is now made possible by a license model with graduated fees: For FBDi members, who are (in)directly involved in the creation of the FBDi Compass, the annual license fee in the first two years is 140€, from the third year on, no further costs are incurred. Non-members pay an annual license fee of 1,400€ in the first two years, from the third year on 700€ annually for updates and upgrades. Special agreements for other associations and training partners as well as authorities can be negotiated on request. All prices are exclusive of VAT. (Orders at a.falke@fbdi.de)

Industry and trade must inform their customers (commercial and private) if products contain substances of very high concern. The FBDi also points to tests carried out by the market surveillance authorities to ensure compliance with product safety regulations: “Manufacturers, importers or distributors assume full product responsibility and must carry out the conformity assessment on their own responsibility”, says Jens Dorwarth, Head of CT Environment&Compliance at FBDi. “The FBDi Compass provides helpful support for this, also with regard to other EU regulations such as the Battery Directive, RED, EMC and others. Through regular updates we will also include newly adopted regulations”.