Exigent Sensors Increase Capacity with 1 Click SMT Selective Soldering System

1 Click SMT Technology Co., ltd. today announced that Exigent Sensors LLC purchased the new Ant-i2 offline selective soldering machine. To overcome the inconvenience caused by COVID-19, Exigent Sensors sent over their board and components, and 1 Click SMT ran the full test with the board, made a design of the pallet, and programmed the software.

Exigent Sensors has been working with 1 Click SMT since 2017, and has purchased several machines, including hot bar soldering, PCB handling machine, soldering robots, etc. When it was time to choose a soldering system, they came to 1 Click SMT to evaluate the best option for their production capacity with the lowest cost increase.

Exigent Sensors decided on the Ant-i2 offline selective soldering machine because of its ability to solder two of the same boards simultaneously. The Ant-i2 includes two drop jet fluxers, a bottom preheating zone, and one solder pot with two individual selective wave tunnels. It can handle two 350mm x 215mm boards at the same time, doubling production capacity. The single soldering nozzle can accommodate boards up to 350mm x 450mm. This machine offers high productivity and flexibility with the highest ROI. To view the video of the Ant-i2, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhBwq0JoI60#action=share.

Exigent Sensors LLC was founded in 2007 to design and build advanced residential smoke alarms. Since that time, the company has expanded into CO alarms, heat alarms and water detecting devices. The 1 Click SMT Ant-i2 has allowed Exigent Sensors to reduce assembly time often by a factor of four by eliminating much of the hand soldering previously required in its products.

“Amy and Leo at 1 Click SMT have always made every effort to support our needs with this new machine,” stated Jeff Buss, President of Exigent Sensors. “They do everything they can to help us succeed, and so far we have been very impressed with the Ant-i2.”

1 Click SMT is a machine manufacturing and distribution company. The company provides customers one-stop SMT solutions, with China’s 30 years of electronics industry experience, benefiting worldwide customers with quality products at a competitive price.

For more information, visit https://www.1clicksmt.com/products/selective-soldering.html