Europlacer Delivers Full Assembly Line Solution with Printing & Placement at Epoch International

Europlacer Americas has successfully installed a full SMT assembly line solution at Epoch International, a high-tech electronics design and manufacturing service company headquartered in Fremont, CA. At the heart of the new line is Europlacer’s celebrated iineo+ placement platform with an acclaimed EP710 screen printer upstream. The new line also includes SPI and AOI from Viscom, plus a Heller reflow oven.

A strategic vision to leverage its 25 years of experience in design, development and manufacturing globally led to Epoch International’s partnership with Europlacer. The company sought a business partner with capability and global reach that would provide support from engineering validation build through to mass production. After extensive research and scrutiny of a full spectrum of equipment suppliers, Epoch International declared Europlacer to be the best candidate for its long-term partnership and global expansion goals.

Initially, Epoch added a full new line of equipment at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Dalian, China. The company then set up its Fremont facility to mirror the processes and equipment of its Dalian operation. Identical manufacturing processes facilitate a seamless transition of production from one location to another, exemplifying the true concept of ‘Manufacturing without Borders’.

Europlacer provided full logistics support for the entire installation procedure, including site planning assistance, shipping, drayage and storage for all the equipment in the line. Deployment of the equipment was smooth and streamlined, due in no small part to Europlacer’s coordination of the various vendors. It resulted in successful expedited commissioning into production.

Epoch recognizes the value in cultivating a close partnership with a vendor such as Europlacer. “Close collaboration during equipment installation was instrumental in the positive outcome,” commented Nathan Ashelman, Operations Director for Epoch International. “Europlacer’s on-site staff were professional and always available to match our schedule, so the installation proceeded systematically and rapidly. Within three weeks of equipment delivery, the SMT line was qualified and had completed the first three jobs, totalling hundreds of boards,” he added.

“We were able to orchestrate everything from beginning to end for Epoch,” explained President of Europlacer Americas, John Perrotta. “It’s thrilling to plan and execute in a collaborative and proactive way with our customers. We formed a strong relationship with Epoch in its Dalian, China facility last year and have been close partners ever since.”

“When the company decided to invest in its new premises in Fremont, we knew we had to cooperate closely and coordinate effectively to get them into production fast,” Perrotta continued. “That process was eased by Zero Defects International (ZDI), a leading Silicon Valley-based manufacturer’s representative. ZDI deserves our thanks for providing valuable additional support to Epoch International in both Dalian and Fremont.”

Epoch International’s new Europlacer iineo+ machine features the broadest level of automated assembly capability in the SMT industry; it is widely acclaimed as the best multi-function machine in the world. Europlacer’s electrical test verification, touch-screen GUI, fast-loading feeders and expansive component capacity combine to create a placement platform that delivers optimum line efficiency and yield.

The final word on the new equipment and business relationship came from Foad Ghalili, owner of Epoch International: “With dependable long-term partners such as Europlacer, we are poised to support our American and Global customers with the high set of standards and integrity that this business has come to be known for,” he stated.