Europlacer Continues to Outperform the Market

Europlacer has enjoyed substantial growth throughout 2021 with the company forecasting the same level of achievement and success in 2022.

According to analysts, the global SMT industry grew by around 27% during 2021. Over the same period, Europlacer enjoyed robust growth of 49% in its order bookings along with a 33% increase in sales billings while managing to retain one of the strongest gross margins in its sector.

François Erceau

Such exceptional growth that clearly outpaced the market in 2021 resulted in Europlacer’s highest year-closing backlog, which carries orders and revenues over into 2022.

During the recent global pandemic, Europlacer continued to make significant investments and established progressive marketing strategies that contributed to its success. Key points from the year include:

  • The successful launch of the compact pick & place ii-A1 and ii-A2 machines
  • The ii-A1 and ii-A2 modules achieve the accolade of being the world’s first placement machines to be CFX certified by the IPC, with all other Europlacer placement machines subsequently achieving IPC CFX certification in 2021
  • The launch of ii-Tab, a mobile Industry 4.0 productivity management solution that integrates eight core process applications to manage factory-wide productivity on the go
  • The introduction of a smart freeform feeder widely embraced due to the prevalence of loose devices addressing worldwide component shortages
  • All the above and more resulting in record sales in the USA, UK, France and China, contributing to the company’s best year ever and including the largest ever order received in the USA

“The 12 months of 2021 delivered huge commercial success for Europlacer despite the inevitable impact of the coronavirus pandemic on our markets,” says François Erceau, Group Strategy and Marketing Officer, adding: “We are committed to maintaining that growth trajectory at the same or a higher rate throughout 2022, while continuing to provide our multi-award-winning support to our expanding global customer base.”