Essentra Components Guide to consolidating component buying

Essentra Components offer guidance to companies worldwide who are struggling with multiple suppliers, perhaps all working to differing standards and practices – a situation where relationship benefits and cost savings can be hard to achieve in a complex web of supply channels.

The Essentra Components online guide to consolidating your component buying is a valuable discussion document available on their Knowledge Centre at

This useful guide covers issues which include how to benefit by streamlining component supply, building better relationships to achieve big benefits, quicker hassle-free customer service, one supplier/one component quality, assessing the latest processes, obtaining improved value for money and factors to consider with component consolidation. The guide is presented from extensive experience of teamworking through the consolidation process. Real life examples are given to illustrate this process, including companies from air conditioning and refrigeration, steel construction and metal fabrication.

The team at Essentra Components believe that by integrating manufacturing and supply with a worldwide distribution system then supplier/customer relationships can bloom to maximise benefits and minimise problems.

The Essentra Components guide to consolidating component buying can be accessed at the Knowledge Centre on their website at

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