Essentra Components discuss injection moulding tool design – you have the design; now how can you make it?

This guide brings together Essentra Components’ manufacturing experience from over 65 years of business. Their long-standing, in-house production team, have been moulding for decades – truly a huge storehouse of process expertise.

This free downloadable guide is available at where it describes the many key parts of injection moulding technology and how the mould tool is the core element which ensures the final components produced are accurate and high-quality. It is this machine element that shapes and forms the final component, so selecting the right mould tool design can have a significant impact on the quality and efficiency of component production.

Whether you’re creating a custom moulding for a new part, or selecting a standard tool provided by your manufacturer, it’s important to have some considerations in mind to ensure you’re making the best choice for your component. These include a basic understanding of the tool itself and of how it works within the injection moulding process, and why that is important. Then Essentra address “What should be considered when choosing a tool?” followed by some thoughts about how a moulder can help customers get the most cost-effective, efficient injection moulding tool possible.

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